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Wed Jul 30 01:44:10 BST 2008

On Tue, Jul 29, 2008 at 6:08 PM, Andy Robinson (blackadder-lists) <
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> >
> >With a readymade image containing an OSM rendering toolchain - Mapnik,
> >osm2pgsql and TileCache - plus some instructions on the wiki, we'd
> >have a "roll your own cartography kit". A WYSIWYG stylesheet editor
> >would be the icing on the cake but not necessary at the start. I am
> >way out of my depth here technically, but wouldn't that be so, so cool?
> >
> +1, very cool and something I'd try my hand at. So how might we kick
> something off, even if it's a bit too challenging for some of us, me
> included?
> I'm not sure how relevant this is, but I've made some steps in this
direction here:

It's only a few weeks old but it already needs some improvements:
1. Ideally should use fedora 9 rather than fedora 8, I didn't have time to
download 9 at the time (I have now but haven't started from scratch yet).
2. Mod_tile has seen a number of improvements recently, font paths have
changed among other things.
3. osm2pgsql is introducing the ability to apply changesets directly.  Not
sure if this supports a small region.

The vmware image runs well in 512MB of RAM.  It may not scale well to a full
planet but I suspect most people won't be interested in a full planet
anyway, if they do it should be a matter of tweaking vmware and postgres
memory settings.

I'm a complete noob to mapnik so haven't looked at stylesheet customisations

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