[OSM-talk] Walking routes and OSM (again)

simon at mungewell.org simon at mungewell.org
Fri Jun 27 15:55:51 BST 2008

>> a) Get the user to click each way in turn on the slippy map. Each way
>> then
>> gets highlighted (possible via OpenLayers Vector layer). When finished,
>> user clicks "Done" and can add any further comments. This should be
>> fairly
>> easy to implement - and some of the code (detecting the closest way to a
>> mouse click) has already been implemented, both client and server side.
> I prefer this approach. My only concern is that when making relations
> and routes, often one needs to split a way. Is there any good UI for
> doing this for someone who doesn't know OSM?

There is no reason as to why the overlay couldn't automatically split the
way on it's own vector overlay and then when the route is confirmed that
the split be transfered to OSM along with the relation information.

1) User selects long way at location x,y
2) User selects way joining previous long way
3) system would be able to split long way and know which side of split is
required from previous x,y co-ords.


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