[OSM-talk] Tag proposal/approval system is too heavyweight

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Wed Mar 19 21:20:46 GMT 2008


> Of course tagging lives and dies by its usefulness; Map_Features is a 
> way of saying "People who have thought hard about the specific problems 
> associated with tagging X have discussed it, and decided that this is 
> the best way. All the renderers recognise this way. You can do it 
> another way if you like, but you'll run into problems, and it won't get 
> rendered right." 

Much too stringent. If you said:

"People who have thought hard about the specific problems associated
with tagging X have discussed it and at the time it seemed to them
that the best way of tagging it was this. The most widely used
renderers will likely support this (but there's no guarantee because
those who write the renderers are not generally consulted in the
process). You can do it another way if you like and if it suits the
purpose you're after."

Then it would be near correct.

> This is absolutely fine. All I'm saying in addition is instead of me
> just going and editing Map_Features to say "actually, I've decided
> we should tag all distances in metres", there should be a discussion
> process and consensus reached first.

Don't say "discussion process", and don't say "consensus". If you want
to do something, mention it on the list, and if you judge it to be a
consensus or at least a vast majority, then make the change. If
there's a vocal minority then the change is not ok and you'll need to
investigate further; shouting down the minority by way of voting won't


The way we usually do things around here is "those who do the work get
to decide how it's done". You are, and not for the first time, talking
about how to control what OTHERS do and how they do it (your example
is not whether you tag in miles or kilometres, but whether you use the
Wiki page to ask others to tag in miles or kilometres). Maybe that's
the cultural divide here. If you'd think more about how you want to do
your part than about how you can control how others do theirs, then
you'd see less conflict.


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