[OSM-talk] Tag proposal/approval system is too heavyweight

Ulf Lamping ulf.lamping at web.de
Wed Mar 19 23:55:12 GMT 2008

Frederik Ramm schrieb:
> BUT:
> The way we usually do things around here is "those who do the work get
> to decide how it's done". You are, and not for the first time, talking
> about how to control what OTHERS do and how they do it (your example
> is not whether you tag in miles or kilometres, but whether you use the
> Wiki page to ask others to tag in miles or kilometres). Maybe that's
> the cultural divide here. If you'd think more about how you want to do
> your part than about how you can control how others do theirs, then
> you'd see less conflict.
Interestingly, your vineyard example is exactly working that way. YOU 
have decided that you want to have vineyards in the way you like it. YOU 
have implemented it into osmarender to be shown on the map. So in effect 
YOU "control how others do theirs" - by setting the "reference" how it's 
displayed on the map.

Maybe the reason you're one of the people raising the voice against 
voting is that it will reduce YOUR level of control over others?!?

The model "those who do the work get to decide how it's done" is just 
fine if you have a few developers - but it doesn't work perfectly if 
there are 20000+ mappers all doing "their" stuff.

Interestingly, the tagwatch mechanism is in no way a substitution to 
voting. Tagwatch is only about tag syntax, voting is more about tag 
semantics. It gives you an idea what tags people need and therefore use 
- but it gives you no idea HOW they use it. As a simple example: If you 
see the tag maxspeed=30 in the uk, does this mean 30m/h or 30km/h? So 
unfortunately, only relying on tagwatch looses information which is very 
hard (impossible?) to regain - without revisiting and retagging.

I perfectly agree that voting can be a PITA. But all alternatives I've 
heard so far will result in a much deeper PITA in the long run ...

Regards, ULFL

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