[OSM-talk] Tag proposal/approval system is too heavyweight

Thomas Szukala thsz at web.de
Thu Mar 20 11:38:01 GMT 2008

Ulf Lamping wrote:
>> And you are arguing that somebody is trying to
>> decrease other peoples power?
> By sabotaging the voting process he's actively doing so, yes. Very 
> certainly not by intention but in effect.

Voting through the wiki is just one of several options to express what 
you think is right. Some people hesitate to take part in open 
discussions, some do not.

So you have to keep in mind that by taking apart one way of voting 
mechanism, you dont sabotage the whole process to get on a common sense. 
You simply redistribute the voices, so that everybody shouts on the same 
level ;-)

I like the idea to analyse the used tags and show the distribution of 
every tag. Pros and Cons could be listed directly there. So everybody 
could make a picture for him/herself what seems to be the perfect way to 
tag his molehill.

The problem I see, is that some concerns about tags are not permanently 
stored as there is no explicit need to update the wiki. A voting process 
implicit creates these pros and cons as you legitimate your vote most 
commonly in one or two sentences.
So you have to be prepared that some tags are more often discussed on 
the mailinglist then before, as some people wont take the formerly 
"official" tags as god given and not changeable.


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