[OSM-talk] UK Industrial Estate Roads

Lester Caine lester at lsces.co.uk
Sun Nov 9 12:05:59 GMT 2008

Ed Loach wrote:
> Lester wrote:
>> This still does not 'answer the question'.
>> Which selection should take priority - tag all roads of this
>> type
>> 'unclassified' or tag some bits 'unclassified' outside private
>> property and
>> some 'service' for those inside private property?
>> I understand the definition of 'unclassified', and many of the
>> 'residential'
>> and 'service' roads currently tagged as such ARE
>> 'unclassified'. I would
>> expect both 'residential' and 'service' roads to have a default
>> status of
>> unclassified, otherwise they would be tagged 'primary' or
>> 'secondary' since
>> THAT takes priority over 'residential' and 'service'?
>> It's a matter of creating some consistency in tagging.
> I think there will always be some judgment calls involved when it
> comes to classifying roads which don't have signs indicating primary
> or secondary. There are country lanes around here I tag as
> unclassified as it seems to make sense, even though there may be one
> or two residential properties along their length (often with large
> drives and plenty of land). Switching from unclassified to
> residential for the width of their gates (or property limits if I
> can guess them) could make sense, I suppose.
That is probably overkill. I think there probably needs to be a number of 
properties to switch to 'residential'

> In the case of industrial estates I tend to use unclassified if it
> is a through route (or even tertiary if it is a major unclassified
> through route) and service otherwise.
That makes sense. I think all the one's I've had with a through route tend to 
be a 'B' road anyway.

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