[OSM-talk] Price of non-free geodata

Iván Sánchez Ortega ivan at sanchezortega.es
Tue Nov 18 18:50:44 GMT 2008

El Tuesday 18 November 2008 15:32:42 Frederik Ramm escribió:
> But what are the tariffs being paid every day for acceptable vector
> data?

I just checked some prices from the CNIG, the commercial branch of the spanish 
NMA. Some prices for *vector* data are as follows:

- All of spain, data suitable for 1:1000000 maps: 300 eur
- BCN250 or BCN1000 (suitable for 1:250000 or 1:1000000 maps), from 200 or 450 
- One  topographic sheet: 150 eur. This means either the MTN50 sheets 
(suitable for 1:50000 maps, 10x15 km), or the MTN25 sheets (5x7.5km). There 
are around 1050 of those MTN50 sheets, so the total prices are 157K eur for 
1:50K map data, or 630K eur for 1:25K map data.
- Digital terrain model for all of spain: around 4000 eur.

The CNIG does not hold data more accurate than the suitable for 1:25000 maps. 
If you want street data, you have to rely on the Office of the Cadastre 
(dependant on the ministry of treasury), which prices are as follows...

- Urban areas: 0.27 eur/hectarea, plus 6.12 eur per CD used.
- Rural areas: 4.16 eur/hectarrea

That encompasses street data, street numbers, detailed land use, and the shape 
of all buildings. The level of detail is amazing, and the estimated error is 
less than 10cm.

Making some numbers, and supossing the best pricees for cadastrial data (i.e. 
urban), the entire country would cost 50000000 hectarea * 0.27 = ~ 13.5 
million eur. That should turn out to be around 80 GiB of data IIRC.

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