[OSM-talk] when do <12 TAH tiles render?

Mike Harris mikh43 at googlemail.com
Sun Feb 1 17:47:03 GMT 2009

That's a relief - sometimes it's good to be wrong!  

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Mike Harris schrieb:
> Does that mean that if I use informationfreeway ctrl-enter at zoom 12 
> to be able to see (and check) the rendering of my edits in osmarender 
> (without waiting a week for mapnik and forgetting) then these edits 
> will never get rendered at lower zoom unless someone changes them 
> again? Hope I'm wrong as it doesn't sound very sensible otherwise - 
> with the only way round to visit the area on the main map and only 
> then use informationfreeway for my own benefit?

You are wrong, since that ctrl-click also generates a request which will
trigger the lowzoom update, too, once it's fullfilled.


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