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Mike Harris mikh43 at googlemail.com
Mon Feb 2 12:02:31 GMT 2009

Ulf: Schwierig mit den Namen 'Ulf' welche Sprache um zu wissen ...
Schwedisch oder Deutsch - deswegen beide! Mike

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Mike Harris schrieb:
> Sam
> Thanks - I don't feel quite so bad now after reading your response ... 
> Ulf
> I think Sam makes much the point that I failed to explain properly. 
> Forlåt että jag förstår inte .. (or should that be Entschuldingungen 
> daß ich nicht richtig verstehen habe ... you never know with a 
> googlemail address!)

Hi Mike!

Don't feel so bad. You were just the last one of a few mails where I had the
strong feeling that people arguing against a proposal that they don't even
read or tried to understand.

You can argue that a proposal that you first have to understand is a bad
proposal - but.

At the Essen OSM User workshop days last year we sad down with 6 people
trying to find something better than this. We thought about the possible
solutions, their benefits and drawbacks.

In the end, we came to the conclusion that the proposal is far better than
it looks at first sight.

Regards, ULFL

P.S: I'm german, it's difficult for me to read "Forlåt että jag förstår 
inte" ;-)

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