[OSM-talk] usercases for josm outside osm

Maarten Deen mdeen at xs4all.nl
Tue Feb 3 06:44:33 GMT 2009

Kim Hawtin wrote:
> hi maning,
> maning sambale wrote:
>> JOSM is an excellent data editing tool (hey I also love potlatch!).
>> Many of of its features I would love integrated in some FOSS GIS
>> editing toolbox.
>> That being said, are there user cases where JOSM is used outside OSM
>> as a GIS editing app?  Please share your experiences.
> what i'd really like is a mode where i can edit the GPS trails.
> just top and tailing the junk off the ends where the GPS was started
> and stopped, any time where you are are effectively indoors...
> also splitting large GPS trails into smaller more manageable sections.

Second that. Basically what is now possible with Garmin's Mapsource: see GPX
tracks, edit them, display them on a map. For that there will also need to be
more map-downloading than z12 tiles only.


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