[OSM-talk] Overlay capabilities with environmental data

Sarah Manley sarah at cloudmade.com
Wed Feb 4 00:17:07 GMT 2009

Dear All,

Below is an email I received. If you have any any thoughts/suggestions  
I can share with this new OSM user, I would appreciate the help.



The chapter's GIS committee has been helping out EPFW


With forest harvesting mapping.

An example of what we have done for them is at:

These maps are use for advocacy displays for the public and legislators.

We use ArcGIS, a high skill level software (at least in my opinion).
I was wondering about Open Street Map as an alternative.
Are there overlay capabilities  for your system?   From what I  
remember and understand there are ways of doing that.
We have to overlay maps or data from various sources, such as Cal fish  
and game.


- Shawn

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