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On Thu, Feb 5, 2009 at 2:22 PM, Jens Müller <blog at tessarakt.de> wrote:

> Ian Dees schrieb:
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> > On Thu, Feb 5, 2009 at 2:09 PM, Claudius Henrichs <claudius.h at gmx.de
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> >     Am 05.02.2009 21:01, Grant Slater:
> >     > Gary68 wrote:
> >     >> I for sure won't sign on to PayPal. And I won't give my bank
> >     xxEUR for
> >     >> shipping a few bucks across the channel.
> >     >>
> >     >
> >     > Having or signing up for a paypal account is not required.
> >     >
> >     > When you reach the paypal site there is a link (or form) on the
> left
> >     > hand side to use your debit/credit card without having to login or
> >     > signup to paypal.
> >
> >     Even then you need to disclose an email, home address and even phone
> >     number (!) to PayPal. A no-go for user who don't want to share data
> with
> >     PayPal.
> >
> >
> > All of that information is required to do a complete credit/debit
> > authorization.
> >
> Phone number? Obviously not. (Other companies manage to charge a CC
> without it)

 From the PayPal terms of service:

When a member either sends a payment to, or requests a payment from, an
individual who is not a registered member of PayPal, we will retain the
information that the member submits to us, including, for example, the other
party's email address, Skype ID, phone number and/or name, for the benefit
of the member who is attempting to contact the non-member, so that the
member can see a complete record of his or her transactions, including
uncompleted transactions. Although this information is stored indefinitely,
we will not market to the non-member in any way at any time. Additionally,
these non-members have the same rights to access and correct information
about themselves (assuming that their detail(s) were correct enough to reach
them) as anyone else who uses PayPal.

PayPal say that they use the information you give them only to pass along to
the person receiving the payment so that any problems can be fixed later.
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