[OSM-talk] undeleting ways?

MP singularita at gmail.com
Sun Feb 8 13:28:29 GMT 2009

> a)
> get Potlatch running

I tried once fiddling with Potlatch, but there were quite a lot of
problems geting flash to run on 64bit system and when I tested it on
another 32bit system, the reactions were very slow (perhaps I was in
area with many ways with many nodes, but I was unable to even get
potlatch to display something, no chance to actually edit. I'd say
unusable for me)

Hmmm .... but potlatch must have some way of querying for deleted ways
- if it is not the main API, is it something documented somewhere?
Some hidden API? Or should I try my luck with browsing through
potlatch sources or perhaps using wireshark to find out?

Perhaps such an API for querying deleted ways given a bbox could be
added to 0.6 - I think there were many cases where something gets
(accidentally) deleted and such API would allow restoring it quicker
than browsing through planet dump or daily diffs.

> or
> b)
> Retrieve lost data with planetosm-excerpt-tags.pl and
> planetosm-excerpt-area.pl parsing an older worldfile (or better partly
> file, if exist) containing the deleted items.
> The latter I did one time with my E6600 4GB RAM, SATA-disks, no raid.
> Uncompress lasted several hours: 4,5GB => 92,2GB, the parsing about 1,5+
> days.

Well, that is for one file. Though there are about 50MB dumps (which
is reasonable size to process) for the affected country (actually,
there are many of them, one for aproximately each week, so I'll have
to browse through them to find one in which the way was created but
not yet deleted), so maybe I'll give it a try if everything else


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