[OSM-talk] Long Ways and API 0.6

MP singularita at gmail.com
Sun Feb 8 17:50:45 GMT 2009

In Czech republic there are many forests that does not fit into the
new limit. Splitting them is not exactly easy, as most of them are
multipolygons and you have to manually move inner parts between
multipolygon relations in JOSM (2000+ nodes forest usually have about
20-100 inner parts). Sometimes splitting them will create and
"artificial" boundary, though usually they can be split
"intelligently" (like along roads or rivers...)

Since the API will  be set up in more than a month, maybe the long
ways will get fixed, but if not, perhaps for some short time we could
have the limit enforced only on new ways and on old ways we cold have
temporarily a higher limit till the remaining ways get fixed. Are
those few long ways a big performance problem, or could the limit be
raised? Raising to at least 2500 will mean much less ways that needs
fixing, as many are only slighty over the limit :)

Limit on number of nodes in a way can be bypassed by splitting the
polygon or way in multiple parts, but for relations it could be worse,
as if there is route which is heavily fragmented due to many tunnels
and bridges, thus consisting of many ways, it can exceed the limit and
there is no easy workaround like splitting polygon/ways into multiple


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