[OSM-talk] Long Ways and API 0.6

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Sun Feb 8 18:45:17 GMT 2009


MP wrote:
> In Czech republic there are many forests that does not fit into the
> new limit. 

Then you have even today created something that is very difficult for 
mappers to handle. The thought of downloading the history of one of 
these ways... shudder!

> Splitting them is not exactly easy, as most of them are
> multipolygons and you have to manually move inner parts between
> multipolygon relations in JOSM (2000+ nodes forest usually have about
> 20-100 inner parts).

The advanced usage of the multipolygon relation allows you to have as 
many "outer" members as you want (see wiki page), so you can just split 
up your outer way and that's it. It probably isn't perfect in the 
renderers yet but I'm confident it will soon be.

> Since the API will  be set up in more than a month, maybe the long
> ways will get fixed, but if not, perhaps for some short time we could
> have the limit enforced only on new ways and on old ways we cold have
> temporarily a higher limit till the remaining ways get fixed. 

The existing ways will not be touched, but you will be unable to make 
even the tiniest change to a way (you will not be able to change tags or 
add/remove nodes) if the new version of the way would have more than 
2000 nodes.


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