[OSM-talk] Long Ways and API 0.6

MP singularita at gmail.com
Sun Feb 8 19:39:55 GMT 2009

>> In Czech republic there are many forests that does not fit into the
>> new limit.
> Then you have even today created something that is very difficult for
> mappers to handle. The thought of downloading the history of one of these
> ways... shudder!

Those forest were imported approximately August 2008 and it was not me
who imported them. They lived in the database hapily since them,
though I splitted few of them cause they were too big to comfortably

>> Splitting them is not exactly easy, as most of them are
>> multipolygons and you have to manually move inner parts between
>> multipolygon relations in JOSM (2000+ nodes forest usually have about
>> 20-100 inner parts).
> The advanced usage of the multipolygon relation allows you to have as many
> "outer" members as you want (see wiki page), so you can just split up your
> outer way and that's it. It probably isn't perfect in the renderers yet but
> I'm confident it will soon be.

Automatic multipolygon splitting, where inner parts will
_automatically_ move to correct half would make this relatively easy
problem to solve. Without that is is quite tedious and error-prone
work (it is easy to forget about one of the many inner parts when
splitting, creating sort of invalid multipolygon.). Any skilled coder

> The existing ways will not be touched, but you will be unable to make even
> the tiniest change to a way (you will not be able to change tags or
> add/remove nodes) if the new version of the way would have more than 2000
> nodes.

There is some risk they'll stay there in that state for quite long
time if you won't be able to touch them. Especially those ways that
are difficult to split.


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