[OSM-talk] undeleting ways?

malenki me at malenki.ch
Sun Feb 8 23:56:46 GMT 2009

Am Sun, 8 Feb 2009 14:28:29 +0100
schrieb MP <singularita at gmail.com>:

>> a)
>> get Potlatch running
>when I tested it on another 32bit system, the reactions were very
>slow (perhaps I was in area with many ways with many nodes, but I was
>unable to even get potlatch to display something, no chance to
>actually edit. I'd say unusable for me)

I really dislike it too. But for undeletion, I used it once, just try

>> The latter I did one time with my E6600 4GB RAM, SATA-disks, no raid.
>> Uncompress lasted several hours: 4,5GB => 92,2GB, the parsing about
>> 1,5+ days.
>Well, that is for one file. Though there are about 50MB dumps (which
>is reasonable size to process) for the affected country

The one I had needed did not exist/I did not find. Would have been
Germany for 2008/10/08.
Plus, I was curious how big the Planet file really was and how my
computer would handle it. :)


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