[OSM-talk] Oxbridges of Konigsberg

Robert Vollmert rvollmert-lists at gmx.net
Thu Feb 12 12:37:01 GMT 2009

On Feb 12, 2009, at 12:06, Stephen Gower wrote:

> On Thu, Feb 12, 2009 at 10:47:10AM +0000, Andrew Chadwick (email  
> lists) wrote:
>> Stephen Gower wrote:
>>>> What's the most efficient route for visiting all Oxford's
>>>> colleges?
>>> So, since the data for Oxford is pretty much there, is this a
>>> challenge any of the routing engines can help with?
>> Not purely based on OSM data, you'll need OXPOINTS information for  
>> the
>> lodge locations too.
> Given who the friend is, I suspect the reason for asking is that  
> they want
> to improve the OXPOINTS data, which, if this is the case will also  
> have the
> advantage that it won't have been derived from GoogleMaps like the  
> current
> dataset is.
> But, can it be done?

I'm not sure this is documented or encouraged, thus I'm not sure the  
URL will stay accessible, but

$ curl -d  
&routepref=Bicycle&avoidAreas=&useTMC=&noMotorways=&instructions=true' http://data.giub.uni-bonn.de/openrouteservice/php/OpenLSRS_DetermineRoute.php 
  | grep TotalTime

yields the time that ORS calculates for the bicycle route from Start  
to End.

Do this for each pair of college locations, and you've got yourself a  
complete graph you can solve traveling salesman for.


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