[OSM-talk] Beta testers required for new Windows Mobile OSM Client

George Styles george at ripnet.co.uk
Thu Feb 12 17:51:47 GMT 2009


Ive written some software for Windows Mobile to make on-the-road contribution to OSM possible. If any Windows Mobile 6 owning people would like to beta-test it, ive stuck it up at


ive stuck some screenshots here


Its only currently useful for filling in missing names from streets which already exist (without a name tag). It cannot yet create / edit the actual nodes that make a street (apart from splitting an existing street).

At the moment its simply freeware. I want to GPL it, but need to open a sourceforge account etc etc, and havent had time yet...

Features are

    *  GPS Support (using WM GPS driver)
    * Display OSM tiles from MapNik, OSMARender, CycleMap or CloudMade
    * Query OSM for streets and nodes in the visible area
    * Displays unnamed streets in red, named ones in green (and ones named by you in lighter green so you can see the difference you are making)
    * Can query GPS points (although until I add node editing, that is kind of useless)
    * Program can check for newer versions and automatically install them (if you ask it to...)
    * Multi-threaded - tiles /data are downloaded in the background, as are uploads of changes.   
    * Ability to name unnamed streets (or change the name of existing ones)
    * Offline edit model - edits are held in the phone until you choose to sync them. This is needed because mobile coverage is not 100%
    * Split / join ways (join dosent quite always work properly yet)
    * Current GPS trail overlaid on map so you can see where you have been (plan to upload trails to OSM in near future)

Should I email this to the dev list as well, since ive done some dev???


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