[OSM-talk] [tagging] RFC :left/:right (asymmetrical roadside features)

Ed Loach ed at loach.me.uk
Tue Feb 17 15:25:24 GMT 2009

> I see one big trouble.  If not so clever editor (program or
> human being) is
> changing the direction of the road withour swapping left/right
> keys, nobody can
> correct the situation without local knowlegde of the area
> mapped.  Left or right
> are not enough by themselves but there must be some additional
> information.
> "Left is in the west" tag would give more exact information as
> well as "Left, as
> user xx saw it on January, 29th 2009".

As I understand it (from last time this discussion cropped up here)
JOSM and Potlatch already handle the reversals of :left and :right
tags, which covers most users. You could just as well say that any
way with no matching public GPS trace or alternate source tag should
be removed as there is insufficient information without local
knowledge to know if it is correct or not.


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