[OSM-talk] [tagging] RFC :left/:right (asymmetrical roadside features)

Andrew Chadwick (email lists) andrewc-email-lists at piffle.org
Tue Feb 17 16:29:40 GMT 2009

Regarding http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Proposed_features/right_left ,
Ed Loach wrote:

> As I understand it (from last time this discussion cropped up here)
> JOSM and Potlatch already handle the reversals of :left and :right
> tags, which covers most users.

This is not the case with either JOSM 1318 or JOSM 1418 (the current
josm-latest.jar). I've tested with cycleway:left=track as well as
foo:left=42. Probably this would need to be raised as a separate bug if
people express general satisfaction.

Can't speak for Potla(t)ch, not tried.

Andrew Chadwick

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