[OSM-talk] [tagging] RFC :left/:right (asymmetrical roadside features)

Ed Loach ed at loach.me.uk
Tue Feb 17 17:04:11 GMT 2009

> This is not the case with either JOSM 1318 or JOSM 1418 (the
> current
> josm-latest.jar). I've tested with cycleway:left=track as well
> as
> foo:left=42. Probably this would need to be raised as a
> separate bug if
> people express general satisfaction.

Actually, I've now checked the source, and it looks like whether it supports it or not is set through user preferences:

"if (Main.pref.getBoolean("tag-correction.reverse-way", true)) {"

And I don't think tag-correction.reverse-way exists under advanced preferences by default.


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