[OSM-talk] OSM wiki local copy

MP singularita at gmail.com
Thu Feb 19 11:59:28 GMT 2009

There is special page to request export of data as XML dump


And a list of all pages:


I have tool that makes complete XML dump using these two pages quite
effectively (tested on wikipedia).
It need about one request per 1000 or so pages plus the server merely
loads text from DB and sends it to user, not needing to parse it or
whatever, so I think it won't cause heavy loads, unless used en-masse.
Still, best would be if whoever maintains the wiki would put up the
XML dump by themselves - If they won't, maybe I can either make the
dump and put it somewhere and/or publish the tool to make it.


> Currently there is not a database dump of the wiki content. As I recall,
> trawling the whole of the wiki with Wget just overloads the server causing
> problems for normal users and hence why it is disallowed.

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