[OSM-talk] Adding architect names to buildings

Jonathan Bennett openstreetmap at jonno.cix.co.uk
Thu Feb 19 19:14:03 GMT 2009

Matthias Julius wrote:
> What is the definition of a category here?
> I would call a category something like "buildings that are 29 strories
> tall".  An architect I would call an (abstract) object that can have
> other attributes as well like a birthdate, an email address and so
> on.  (Whether all this belongs into OSM is another debate).

It may well be an abstract object, but it's not a geographical one so it 
doesn't belong in OSM. Relations are a way of linking one geographical 
feature to another for some geographical reason -- part of the same 
long-distance route, or opposite banks of a waterway for example. In 
this case there's no geographical link between two buildings from the 
same architect -- you could just as easily say that all buildings 
belonging to one company should be part of a relation, but that too 
would essentially be categorisation.


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