[OSM-talk] Render strangeness

Matt White mattwhite at iinet.net.au
Sat Feb 21 06:44:04 GMT 2009

I was just pottering around checking some of the mapping I had done, and 
noticed some strangeness in the rendering of a road I mapped about two 
months ago:


The road in question is Blue Gum Track, and it is definitely not 
straight as per the map. All the renders are showing it as a straight 
line, yet  I recall it being particuarly windy (and I just about broke 
my neck when I hit a  washout on it at 40km/h). The straight bit is a 
separate way (there's a fair few nodes on these windy roads, so I tend 
to chop them into a couple of pieces) to  the rest of the Blue Gum track 
way to the south. Potlatch is showing the way is it should be.

Anyway, can someone with more smarts than me have a look at it and see 
if there is anything obviously wrong here.



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