[OSM-talk] amenity=doctor or amenity=doctors ? [tagging]

Mike Harris mikh43 at googlemail.com
Mon Feb 23 13:45:07 GMT 2009


I don't like highway=path very much either - but there are circumstances
when I do fall back on using it. Perhaps Ed or someone can advise what a
better option would be? Specifically: If I know that a non-road highway is a
UK public right of way (PROW) then I tag highway=footway/bridleway/byway as
appropriate (the latter for both "restricted byways" and for "byways open to
all traffic"). If the way is not a PROW but is discernible on the ground and
of a width to allow passage of a vehicle (regardless of whether vehicles are
allowed) then I use highway=track (unless something more specific is
available such as highway=residential/service/cycleway etc. - following the
wiki advice so far as possible, even if it is a bit conflicting at times!)
and, in any case, adding tracktype= and/or surface= where possible.

I am left with some ways that are not PROWs but are of "footpath" width,
walkable, of unknown legal status, with unknown access= etc. - usually
informal routes between A and B that are used as a matter of custom rather
than right. As a last resort I have been tagging these highway=path. I don't
particularly like doing this but  note that the wiki describes this tag as
for "non-specific" or "shared use" paths. I would agree with Ed that
highway=path is not really needed for shared use paths as these can be
tagged differently and tags can be added for foot= / bicycle= etc. But it
does seem like a fallback for "non-specific" paths. I would happily consider
other suggestions!

Mike Harris

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Renaud wrote:

> I agree.
> I am a recent (4 months) contributor to OSM and I sometimes find it 
> annoying to have multiple, sometimes incompatible, tagging used for 
> the same purpose.

Perhaps someone should come up with a bot to get rid of all those silly
highway=path tags? <g,d&rvf>


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