[OSM-talk] amenity=doctor or amenity=doctors ? [tagging]

Ed Loach ed at loach.me.uk
Mon Feb 23 14:12:23 GMT 2009

Mike wrote:

> I don't like highway=path very much either - but there are
> circumstances
> when I do fall back on using it. Perhaps Ed or someone can
> advise what a
> better option would be? 

My comment was rather tongue in cheek, but I do personally feel that
path is overused. Part of my problem with it is that 
everyone seems to use it slightly differently. I believe it is
common in Germany to use it in preference to either
highway=footway/bicycle=yes or whatever other combinations it might
reflect. I've used it once or twice to reflect an obvious way
through a grassy area which also has a grass surface (the difference
being the obvious lengths of grass). These days I am more likely to
use highway=footway/surface=grass (although that latter gets
highlighted as not in Map Features by maplint which is a bit of a

Having said that I don't tend to tag the local (Essex, UK) public
footpaths differently to any other footpaths between two places. I'm
sure I will at some point, but never could get my head around the
wiki page suggestions (though have it bookmarked to reread when I
have a little more time). Is it highway=footway/foot=designated for
the public ones? I'll have to check, but that sounds sensible.
Actually, it seems not. 
They seem to suggest use foot=yes, which seems a bit silly if the
way is already tagged as a footway as I would assume yes. Or perhaps
that's why it is suggested - use an unnecessary tag to indicate
"public" rather than any other sort? Perhaps that is why I don't try
and separately tag public footpaths from say the paths that join
cul-de-sacs on housing estates at the moment.


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