[OSM-talk] amenity=doctor or amenity=doctors ? & other duplicate tags [tagging]

Ed Loach ed at loach.me.uk
Tue Feb 24 14:24:09 GMT 2009

Dave quoted sly:

> > I'm in favor of disussion, describing only one, removing the
> > others from any
> > documentation, removing slowly support in renderers and
> > slowly, replace old
> > values by new values.

And replied:
> That sounds like a more sensible way of handling it. I'd
> document both
> for a while, specifying a preference, introduce the changes to
> validators early and people can change as they find things, and
> you
> can remove the duplicate handling and extra docs when the
> number as
> reduced to a "low" level.

Sly had earlier also written: 

> I can't rembember how many (oneway='yes' or oneway='true' 
> or oneway='1') there are in the mapnik style's sheets I use.

And it doesn't look like that will change, despite the sensible
suggestions mentioned above. When I started mapping only a few short
months ago (August '08) Map Features was quite clear that the oneway
key was oneway=yes/no/-1. I realised over time that it used to be
true/false but steps had been taken to rationalise values so that
all keys used yes/no rather than some using yes/no and some using
true/false. I further discovered that the -1 was a hang over from
even earlier days when oneway=1/0/-1 was used for specifying oneway
in relation to direction of segments (or something).

So if I found a way highlighted in maplint as oneway=true I updated
it to oneway=yes. Not a big deal. Over time then oneway=yes/no/-1
would be what remained in the map.

But since then Map Features has been amended. First of all I noticed
the 1 crept back in, and when I check today I now see that
yes/true/1/no/false/0/-1 are all listed. 
I feel that this is a mistake and that yes/no/-1 should be put back
in the value column so that maplint *will* highlight the ways using
the old accepted values so that they can be updated. 

Similarly I note that amenity=doctors is in Map Features. The
maplint highlighting of amenity=doctor as not_in_map_features should
be sufficient for someone to check their tagging and update it to
the currently recommended one should they so desire (rather than
amend the wiki page to add the alternative value spelling so it
doesn't highlight as seems to have been done with oneway).


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