[OSM-talk] amenity=doctor or amenity=doctors ? & other duplicate tags [tagging]

sly (sylvain letuffe) liste at letuffe.org
Tue Feb 24 14:40:43 GMT 2009

> I now see that
> yes/true/1/no/false/0/-1 are all listed. 
> http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/index.php/Map_Features#Restrictions
> I feel that this is a mistake and that yes/no/-1 should be put back
> in the value column so that maplint *will* highlight the ways using
> the old accepted values so that they can be updated. 

haha ! this is funny, you know why ? I tried hard at "removing" those 
duplicates, by not mentionning them in map feature, and saying somewhere that 
1/0 true/false is valid, but could be removed in favor of yes/no.

if you watch at the history you'll see my tries (after a discussion of wich 
noone cared of)

Then someone undid my change with the reason : "because it shows an error in 
maplint" and that's anoying ;-))

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