[OSM-talk] Canvec2osm -264 tags needed to be confirmed

Jochen Topf jochen at remote.org
Wed Feb 25 09:18:03 GMT 2009

On Tue, Feb 24, 2009 at 05:31:03PM -0800, Sam Vekemans wrote:
> i'm working from the 11 wiki charts, and have most of it done, but i
> feel i need at least 1 person to varify that they approve  each of the
> sugested tag(s).
> I will make an extra column in each chart for this. (i think it will help)

I suggest you don't use a mixture of upper and lower case in your tags.
There are some issues around tag naming and whether they should be case
sensitive or not. OSM mostly uses lower case in all keys and values (of
course proper names etc. should be done in their proper cases :-)

I also suggest not using spaces or special characters in keys and
values. Makes it easier to handle (again, this is only for identifier
type things, not for proper names and so on).

I haven't looked at all the details, but how about instead of
CanVec:Theme=Buildings and structures (BS)
just use

If canvec consistently uses upper case, then
might be better.

I generally think that you should keep as much as possible to the
original classification, naming, etc. in the canvec: namespace. This
will make it easier to compare the two datasets (especially when they
change later).

The easy readability and usability will come from the translation into
the "normal" OSM tags.

I realize that some of what I have said contradicts itself. Nobody ever
said this was easy.

Thanks for all the work you put in there. It is really coming along

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