[OSM-talk] OT: making heat maps and overlaying on OSM data

simon at mungewell.org simon at mungewell.org
Thu Feb 26 23:19:53 GMT 2009

> Can anyone give me any tips on how to take a simple table of data with a
> figure
> for each coordinate, and turn it into a heat map? At first I thought of
> GeoCommons but it seems you can only use pre-processed data with their
> Maker
> tool.

It sounds like you don't want to do any pre-processing... if you change
your mind you could:

1). Create a coloured overlay and place that as a translucent layer.

This could be a single image file, or another tile server (as per example).

2). Create a set of vector shapes (contours?) and overlay those using an
OSM or other layer (could be heavy on browser if a larger area).

The Srtm2Osm scripts already make the contours so these can probably be

Other hint: applications like Gnuplot and matlab can take single point
data and export a x-by-y table of data. In gnuplot use the 'set term
table' command a replot your graph

If you find another way, post it here so we can all learn :-)

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