[OSM-talk] oneway yes or true

sly (sylvain letuffe) liste at letuffe.org
Fri Feb 27 11:24:47 GMT 2009

> The opposite is true. "undefined" it is either a oneway=true or not.
True, we know nothing with "undefined".

> In both cases I am allowed to drive it like a oneway=true and it
> is the safest thing to do
Safety is not engaged in considering a default to yes, but that's what you 
could do on any roads without a oneway. Leading to an unusable, but secure 

> It's not like you can switch your eyes and brain off just because you have
> a navigation system.
True again, this is a driver's requirement.

But I would prefer a software to consider an undocummented value to be the 
default when there is no value rather than making a guess. But your point is 
valid as well in the oneway case.
> That's the place where mappers and developers look up the semantics of
> key-value -pairs.

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