[OSM-talk] License plan

David Earl david at frankieandshadow.com
Fri Feb 27 17:15:13 GMT 2009

On 27/02/2009 16:02, Frederik Ramm wrote:
>> If we change to the new license then do we have a tool available that 
>> will remind me of the bits that are going to be rolled back because of 
>> my contribution being dependent on someone who did not agree to the 
>> license? I would like to know which bits of my data are going to be 
>> rolled back so I can edit that area again to fix it.
> I think it is unfortunate that the discussion circles around this, which 
> is one of weak spots of the whole process. I think it is absolutely 
> clear that we cannot and will not accept the loss of a large amount of 
> present-day data.
> Once we have agreed to start transition to a new license then we will 
> have to work very hard to get as many people on board as possible, 
> convince them to agree.

I think the biggest problem is likely to be people who we can no longer 
get in touch with as their email addresses are no longer current and 
they've lost interest.

This will be a particular problem if this happened with someone who made 
lots of changes and then went off in a huff for some reason.

I will find it very hard to say we should proceed if I don't know before 
saying so what the effect will be. But if everyone says no because fo 
that, we end up in a stalemate.


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