[OSM-talk] License plan

MP singularita at gmail.com
Fri Feb 27 19:44:27 GMT 2009

>  This will be a particular problem if this happened with someone who made
>  lots of changes and then went off in a huff for some reason.

What about data donated by varous organizations? In these cases, the
user that uploaded them usually just "merely" converted the data from
another format (possibly adding some manual cleanup, and thus
copyrightable, etc ...), but the major contribution is from the
organization itself. This won't be problem in case of PD sources (for
example from various government agencies, as their output is
"automatically" PD in many countries), but may pose a problem with
private companies donating data (they may or may not be happy with the
license change)

As for the new license - it's 10 pages of legalese, so I'd expect once
we start asking users about it, there would be some human-readable
excerpt nearby.

As for the people who can't be reached/refused to accept new license -
what about tagging such data with some tag like "license=cc_by_sa" to
warn people that this part is licensed otherwise and keep the data in
database? This should be acceptable for most contributors (no data
lost) but may be a bit troubling for people who want to use the data
(if cc-by-sa is not good for them they would have to filter these
out). Also, those cc-by-sa parts could be replaced in time by
"properly licensed" data (someone would redraw/reimport the affected
area or alike ...).


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