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Sat Feb 28 14:53:41 GMT 2009

On Sat, Feb 28, 2009 at 2:45 PM, Ulf Möller <usenet at ulfm.de> wrote:

> 80n schrieb:
>  What percentage of data would other people feel willing to see sacrificed
>> in order to move forward with the new license?
> Judging from the discussions at various places, loosing data seems to be
> the main concern with the new license.
> I think a longer transition period would help to alleviate that concern.
> We've had CC-BY-SA licensed planet files for several years now, so adding
> another year - while dual-licensing all new contributions - wouldn't seem to
> cause much damage.
> If the contributions from users who don't agree to the new license were to
> remain in the database for some time, but be marked as legacy data (and
> perhaps shown in a particularly ugly color in the editors), mappers can
> replace that data as part of their regular mapping and data verification
> activities.

We know that the appearance of rendered data is a very strong influence.  I
would consider this to be a totally unacceptable way of making people agree
to a new license.

> I believe in that way most of the old data would be replaced within a just
> few months without causing much disruption.
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