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Sat Feb 28 15:18:07 GMT 2009

On Sat, Feb 28, 2009 at 3:05 PM, Ulf Möller <usenet at ulfm.de> wrote:

> 80n schrieb:
> >     If the contributions from users who don't agree to the new license
> >     were to remain in the database for some time, but be marked as
> >     legacy data (and perhaps shown in a particularly ugly color in the
> >     editors), mappers can replace that data as part of their regular
> >     mapping and data verification activities.
> >
> > We know that the appearance of rendered data is a very strong
> > influence.  I would consider this to be a totally unacceptable way of
> > making people agree to a new license.
> But simply making the data _disappear_ is acceptable? Weird.

Sorry, I misread your message as a suggestion that users could be coerced to
change to the new license by rendering their data in an ugly way.  That's
not what you said.

Actually, the data doesn't really disappear, it will always be available in
some old planet file, and I'm sure some renderer would show the old data,
perhaps as a separate layer.  ODbL layer + CC layer = what license?
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