[OSM-talk] License plan

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Sat Feb 28 15:54:57 GMT 2009


David Earl wrote:
> But most important of all is to know what's happening or going to happen 
> so any damage can be repaired (without infringing on the 
> ex-contributor's changes of course)

That's a very interesting topic. We would have to have a kind of "there 
was something here but I won't tell you what it was" map view that 
alerts us to things that have gone missing. (Hopefully, many objects 
will not have to be deleted entirely, but rather just revert to an 
earlier version).

Since the new license allows the creation of "produced work" under a 
different license, I could imagine creating a derived work of "the OSM 
planet file one day before license change" and "the current OSM data 
set" in the form of a browsable slippy map where all items that were 
there in the old data but aren't in the new data highlighted somehow. 
This map would then be CC-BY-SA and it would not be allowed to make a 
derived work from it for re-integration into OSM but it would serve as a 
good indication of where healing work is required...


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