[OSM-talk] Keep Mapnik relevant

Someoneelse lists at mail.atownsend.org.uk
Thu Jan 1 19:49:32 GMT 2009

> I notice that abandoned railways are now being rendered on Mapnik.  

This was discussed a bit on talk-gb recently:

(and related messages)

There are/were quite a few "railway=abandoned" features marked around 
the Derby/Notts border in the UK.  Although many have been reused as 
cycle tracks etc., many haven't, and of those that haven't there's often 
nothing left visible on the ground at all.  In those cases I've gone for 
"railway=dismantled", rather than just deleting the way entirely, as it 
seems a shame to remove information that someone else has added that 
isn't actually "wrong".

Way 27144373 is an example - it's a section of the former Great Central 
railway that runs more-or-less parallel with a former colliery railway 
(the GCR was actually the later addition, but by the time of the NPE 
mapping the colliery railway appears to have become disused).  A modern 
cycle trail follows much of the GCR, but not this bit (it follows the 
older colliery railway).

However, way 14837306 here:
shows a problem with this approach - Mapnik renders the name, but not 
the actual way.  This is one where some sections probably justify being 
left as "railway=abandoned", as there is more evidence on the ground 
(although rendering it on a "standard map" is likely to cause confusion).

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