[OSM-talk] Syntactic conventions for tags

Andrew Chadwick (mailing lists) andrewc-email-lists at piffle.org
Thu Jan 1 23:01:48 GMT 2009

People often ask what the various colons, underscores, semicolons and 
whatnot mean within a tag. The answer is that there are no guidelines, 
silly; just do what you want! But doesn't mean that de-facto conventions 
haven't evolved over time anyway, so I've had a go at documenting them. 
Could someone please review and let me know if I've missed anything 
important? Better examples would be useful too.


Thanks. I bet you're all doing something completely different.

(Actually, I like the colon syntax a lot. Wonder if it's worth 
formalising that a bit more, saying that either order matters, or order 
doesn't matter?)

Andrew Chadwick

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