[OSM-talk] Temporary Items, overlays, changes

Rory McCann rory at technomancy.org
Wed Jan 7 15:43:42 GMT 2009

On 07/01/09 13:02, Hendrik T. Voelker wrote:
> Hi guys.
> Peter Miller wrote:
>> This raises the whole question around temporary maps - ie for 50 weeks of  
>> the year this is empty desert and for 2 weeks it looks like this.  
>> Another example is Glastonbury Festival which for 50 weeks looks like  
>> a farm and for 2 weeks is the second largest settlement in Wiltshire.
> So we have to come up with a way to contain alternating versions with time or 
> other kind of restrictions. This would also allow construction sites to be mapped.

I think the OSM database should have the current map of the world. If
something is created, then map it. If it then gets torn down 2 weeks
later, then delete those nodes/ways from the database. Just because the
main slippy map is only re-rendered every week doesn't mean we can't
have more instananeous changes in it.


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