[OSM-talk] ITO animation for 2008 - passes 10K viewings

Peter Miller peter.miller at itoworld.com
Thu Jan 8 10:05:09 GMT 2009

The 'OSM 2008 - A Year of Edits' animation (http://vimeo.com/2598878)  
has just passed 10K viewings and the pace is accelerating with over 3K  
yesterday and over 1K so far today!

Here are some highlights from blogs we are now reaching which focus on  
policy, trends and cultural issues rather than mapping and geekology.  
I think many of their readers of these blogs will never have heard of  
OSM until now which is great. We are even a 'staff pick' from vimeo:

The quality of the animation of course helps, but it is getting the  
coverage because of the power of the message behind it and of course  
the message is that OpenStreetMap is important. It is now important at  
a policy level, not just a geek level. Possibly we will all have to  
start buying suits!



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