[OSM-talk] Temporary Items, overlays, changes

Tomáš Tichý t.tichy at post.cz
Fri Jan 9 06:36:18 GMT 2009

On Thu, Jan 8, 2009 at 17:26, David Lynch <djlynch at gmail.com> wrote:
> I think that "temporary" and "historical" prefixes are the best answer
> to this, possibly with a relation for roads that are different due to
> the same event, project, etc. Tag things with what they are generally
> at the current day, and add exceptions as needed. I would envision an
> example like:
> highway = unclassified
> name = Main Street
> temporary:highway = pedestrian
> temporary:start_date = 2009-01-16
> temporary:end_date = 2009-01-20
> notes = closed to cars during the music festival
> I don't know how to handle multiple temporary items. Perhaps
> "temporary1", "temporary2"...

I like the temporary: prefix proposal. Just for duration period I
reccomend using opening hours scheme instead of start_date and
end_date, because it solves problems with syntax and multiple
intervals nicely. Maybe it would need a little tweaking (it doesn't
include year in current syntax).
I suggest  temporary:period=[opening_hours scheme]


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