[OSM-talk] Potlatch again

Dave Stubbs osm.list at randomjunk.co.uk
Mon Jan 12 08:24:46 GMT 2009

2009/1/12 Gert Gremmen <g.gremmen at cetest.nl>:
> Thank you Thomas,
> The image you provided to prove your solution
> was a complete surprise to me and may contribute to a
> solution for this everlasting Potlatch Critic.
> You are right, and I am right.
> My screen looks entirely different, due to the missed option
> (I mean: I missed it and probably also those users that have problems
> editing with Potlatch) to show ways as THIN LINES.
> Am I right in assuming that Potlatch in default mode shows fat ways
> and fat nodes ? Then just changing the default setting
> of this switch would improve a lot in editing quality.
> And to Richard:
> Why react so strong ?

It's what happens when you start shouting at people on public mailing lists.

Let's assume, just for a moment, that rather than being a troll you're
just misguided, then here's how you could have dealt with this:

Hi guys,
I have this editing problem that I'm trying to fix <link>, but when I
try to do it with Potlatch all the nodes overlap when I zoom in. Am I
doing something wrong? What would really help is thinner lines on the
high zoom. I usually use JOSM, but I'm trying to help out a user who
has been using Potlatch.

There's an option to have thinner lines. Hope that helps.

Your reply:
Oh yes, thanks! Is there any way that could become the default?

See? Wasn't that much nicer for everybody?


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