[OSM-talk] Potlatch / API inconsistency?

Richard Fairhurst richard at systemed.net
Mon Jan 12 15:10:16 GMT 2009

Ted Mielczarek wrote:

> I went to look at an area I edited last week in the Mapnik  
> rendering, and noticed it looked wrong. I thought maybe my edits  
> hadn't been picked up somehow, so I looked at the data view on the  
> slippy map. It matched the rendering. So I thought maybe Potlatch  
> had failed me and not saved my edits. I clicked "Edit", and  
> Potlatch showed the data as I remembered editing it. So somehow  
> Potlatch has a view of this data that doesn't match the API. Anyone  
> know what's gone wrong (and how to fix it)?

Basically, if the server goes a bit boggly (under high load), it's  
possible for an operation to abort halfway through - because we don't  
have transactions - and so a way gets to contain deleted nodes.  
Potlatch and (from memory) the API history call will show the deleted  
nodes, the API map call won't. lists.osm.org appears to be down as I  
write this but it's been discussed several times in the past.

The easy fix is to edit the way with Potlatch, make some sort of  
change (maybe drag a point away, then back again), then deselect to  
force an upload.


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