[OSM-talk] Canadian Road Network and Cities

G. Michael Carter mikey at carterfamily.ca
Mon Jan 12 19:46:27 GMT 2009

Hope I have the right place.  I was playing around with the OSM and have 
a few suggestions/questions.

1.  The Canadian Road Network is freely available from 
http://www.geobase.ca/geobase/en/search.do?produit=nrn&language=en and 
http://www12.statcan.ca/census-recensement/2006/geo/index-eng.cfm   Is 
there anyway to get this imported into OSM?   If we did that we would 
have 90% of Canada road systems covered.

2.  Is there any way to specify attributes on the road.  ie: house 
numbering and city and/or county.   I'd love to use OSM data to build a 
geocoder for my own personal use.   If there isn't currently a way.  Is 
this a feature we could get added?


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