[OSM-talk] ITO Mapper, OSM book (was: OpenStreetMap Trust)

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Tue Jan 13 14:35:17 GMT 2009


Peter Miller wrote:
> Fyi, we are planning to change the name of OSM Mapper to ITO Mapper at 
> some point in the near future.

If you do change the name, maybe it might make sense to choose something 
altogether different. At least in the world of OSM, "to map" means 
collecting geodata and adding it to the database - a process in which 
your tool is not involved; it comes in after the act of mapping, and 
informs others and/or draws pictures that show what has been mapped!

You say you have a new release coming up. I'd like to take the 
opportunity to announce that Jochen and I are working on a new and 
improved version of our OSM book which is scheduled to hit the shelves 
in March. If anyone has any major software release in store that will 
add significant features or change the way OSM works altogether :-) then 
please let us know so we can at least put in a heads-up for the readers, 
if not a preview of what's going to be.

(Yes, we'll describe API 0.6 in the book and not 0.5, hoping that it 
won't take another year to finish. And no, the new license will get a 
passing mention only. And no, we don't have an English version of the 
book yet but we're still hoping to be able to do a translation based on 
the new, updated content.)


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