[OSM-talk] Readme for Potlatch

Gert Gremmen g.gremmen at cetest.nl
Tue Jan 13 19:28:16 GMT 2009

Following the invitations of many of you to contribute in addition

to criticisms to Potlatch I decided to start with the help pages. 


I have added some readme data section to the Potlatch help page, showing

general concepts of OSM necessary for starting.





I am almost new to wiki, and the formatting was done

by imitation and trial and error.

I wanted to make a table to add some graphics but did not succeed (yet).



I will also "attack"  the general instructions soon, so please

read with me and correct, add and/or suggest better formatting.


As I am almost new to Potlatch, just as many newbies,

 I will make the same beginners faults, and may possibly

able to address these early.


Don't hesitate to rephrase my not-native English, if you

know better, but keep in mind, that the simple

English I may use may be more helpful

for strangers than the fully grammatically correct

english of natives.


This is a work in progress.


Suggestions welcome, thanks.



Gert Gremmen

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