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2009/1/13 Lars Aronsson <lars at aronsson.se>

> Wikipedia's article about OpenStreetMap is now available in 26
> languages. The most recently added is a brief translation in
> Swahili, the East African language.
> http://sw.wikipedia.org/wiki/OpenStreetMap
> It starts out by explaining that "OpenStreetMap (OSM) ni mradi
> shirikishi wa uumbaji wa ramani hairirifu na huria ya dunia."
> The article was started by a German user who claims not to speak
> Swahili, and only consisted of headlines, images and links.  The
> text in Swahili was added by a native speaker of the language.
> Tanzania being the former colony "German East Africa", the Swahili
> Wikipedia has several German contributors.  Maybe the Germans will
> go on a mapping safari as soon as Germany is covered.  Parts of
> Nairobi and Mombasa are already mapped, apparently based on
> satellite imagery.
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Forget mapping parties, mapping safaris all the way!

Certain local tag usage will naturally change.
For example English footpaths may get tagged with 'note=angry landowner with
shotgun denies right of way', while African tracks may have 'note=angry
elephant heard don't read council bylaws'.

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