[OSM-talk] 68 GPS units donated to OSM

Erik Söderström erik at yi.se
Sun Jan 18 16:01:02 GMT 2009

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Gregory wrote:
> I was thinking instead of organising Mapping Parties we could now start
> training 'key' people in OpenStreetMap, so instead of hoping to have a
> handful of OSM'ers/newbies complete a place in one weekend, we have
> someone work for a few months until they struggle to reach unmapped
> places and send the GPS back to the foundation.
> Key people are identified first by place (those OSM deserts like in the
> UK the extreme North and the West Country) and then by free time and
> interest in having a free map (students, cyclist group organisers,
> retired OpenSource entusiasts).
> My idea for training is that someone who would normally organise a
> mapping party(so any OSMer) goes and meets a previously
> identified/contacted key person, spends a day 1:1 showing them how to
> survery AND how to map on JOSM/Potlatch, then leaves them with the GPSr
> they used to carry on. Being given training and a free GPS to borrow
> should inspire them to get mapping so they can have the free map they
> wanted to use.
> Anyway, this is an idea and maybe not that exciting. Just thought I
> would get the creative juices following so anyone else can think of
> things to do with these 68 wonderful GPSes.
> 2009/1/15 <openstreetmap at coutiere.com <mailto:openstreetmap at coutiere.com>>
>     Many things:
>     - I'll be in London in 10 days, and I can bring some pieces back to
>     Paris easily enough, if someone is interested. I (or some other
>     French people) could then spread them for the mapping parties over here.
>     - I can also convert the plugs to "French" plugs pretty easily.
>     Other types of plugs are harder to find on my side.
>     - I will probably go to Morocco in March, and to Arab Emirates
>     before April.
>     Is this of interest for anyone?
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>     Gert wrote:
>     > It would be nice to know where they are physically
>     > located. I suppose there is great interest from all
>     > over the world but not so practical to send hem to…
>     I'm guessing as the Google spreadsheet suggests the battery chargers
>     have UK 3pin plugs on them that they are probably currently in the
>     UK.
>     Ed
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My name is Erik Söderström and I live in Gothenburg, Sweden.
I'm fairly new to this project, but have quickly been drawn in due to my
  fascination of all things free.

I work as an IT-admin at a logistics company (haulage). We currently
have six trucks that are GPS-enabled, and those send in data to our
servers (which I then compile and contribute). The problem is that the
data is sent 3 minutes apart so the tracks are in very low resolution.

I was talking to some Swedish mappers the other day, and they suggested
I apply for a couple of these devices. I would primarily put them in
cars that travel places not on the map (we have about 250 contracted
vehicles). Instead of having it all automated, I think I could go the
easy way and just give on to a driver for a month or so, retrieve the
GPS and read data off of it. Many of them travel alot of routes not
mapped on the Swedish mapped, and that goes especially for industrial
areas in Gothenburg, Stockholm and in Mälardalen (region in midwest
Sweden southeast of Stockholm). Many of them also travel to the northern
parts of Sweden.

Hopefully, this would contribute to mapping areas that not many of our
fellow Swedish mappers are likely to travel.

I'm just putting this out there... does anyone think this is a bad idea,
and if so, why? (so that I can work on it).

Cheers everyone, and thank you for the great work put into OSM which our
business uses every day!

// Erik Söderström
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