[OSM-talk] 68 GPS units donated to OSM

Gisle Sælensminde gsale at broadpark.no
Sun Jan 18 16:48:18 GMT 2009

> My name is Erik Söderström and I live in Gothenburg, Sweden.
> I'm fairly new to this project, but have quickly been drawn in due to my
>   fascination of all things free.
> I work as an IT-admin at a logistics company (haulage). We currently
> have six trucks that are GPS-enabled, and those send in data to our
> servers (which I then compile and contribute). The problem is that the
> data is sent 3 minutes apart so the tracks are in very low resolution.
These data can be useful if  drivers drive the road multiple times, as a
logistics company surely does. Since these points has the same accuracy
as loggers that log each second, and probably does not map the exact
same spot each time it passes, it can over time be high enough
resolution to map the road. It is not low resolution, just low sampling
rate. Thus these data can still be valuable if collected over time. This
will require some work on the dataset, but there should be people that
can do this. I can help you with this.  One could for example collect
all data, not by vehicle, but by area, so other people could use it for
mapping. These data would be annonymized, so that one would not know
anything of which driver drove where and when.

Gisle Sælensminde
(email - gsale - broadpark - no)

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